Let's Get Physical

Our fitness center is equipped with state-of-the-art training equipment in a naturally lite space overlooking the beautiful countryside. A wide range of ab stations, free weights, Pilate machines, cardio equipment and a spacious movement studio are all available for guests.

Sample Classes Offered

Personal Training Session

Meet your fitness goals with our personal training sessions. Each session is designed to provide you with an individualized workout based on your needs and goals. Reservations are required.

Private Group Fitness

Our private group fitness classes are perfect for any group looking for a fun way to exercise together. For complete list of class options, please see the monthly Fitness Schedule. Reservations are required.

Rock Your Chakras Yoga Workshop

Who says Yoga can’t rock?! Come have a blast, stretching and building muscle in this Vinyasa Yoga workshop, set to a soundtrack of upbeat, Hard Rock Hits! At the conclusion of class, enjoy a complimentary beer because you’ll have earned it! For participants over 21 years of age.


This class uses the ballet barre to perform body-sculpting isometric exercises. Your muscles are worked to the point of fatigue then immediately stretched to elongate and tone the entire body without adding bulk.

Outdoor Yoga

Start your day bringing together body, mind and breath under the morning sunshine and with fresh breeze on your skin. This all-levels, gentle Flow class will energize and focus you for the day ahead, while enjoying the beautiful Virginia outdoors. Live music during Savasana.

Core Yoga

A yoga class focused on empowering the body, mind and spirit. Start achieving inner power by using safe and vigorous sequence of postures. By strengthening and toning abdominal muscles, you can considerably improve your practice. It allows you to have a powerful and safer asana practice.

Kangoo Boot Camp

This class begins with a Kangoo Boots orientation and making sure you are comfortable in them. It is followed by a high intensity workout that includes intervals of running and drill style strength training which transitions into conditioning exercises. This format improves muscle strength and endurance as it improves cardio-respiratory fitness.

Water Boot Camp

You won’t find this water exercise at your grandma’s retirement home… total body strength training meets interval training in the pool. From weight loss to athletes wanting to cross train this class will boost your metabolism, increase flexibility and build muscles. Who knew intervals could be so fun?

*Advanced reservations are required for all classes.